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The Power of Inclusion


"Inclusive Development means making sure everyone is included in development, regardless of their gender, sex, disability or religion."

Laura Townsend, Overseas, Programmes Director, CBM UK

"Inclusion is one of the most important words spoken with regard to diversity. The leaders of many organizations and corporations understand that they must create an inclusive environment in order to ensure a level of productivity among their employees."

Dr. Charlita Shelton, President, University of the Rockies

"When you have an environment that is truly inclusive, individuals feel comfortable being themselves. They feel more comfortable sharing ideas, and it's through all these different perspectives that you come up with innovation."

"People around the world, we have a problem. Far too many of us are easily offended – and demanding frequent apologies. This clogs up the diversity roadways, and brings traffic on the road to inclusion to a crawl."

Linda Wallace, The Cultural Coach

"Teamwork isn't an exclusionary concept; it's inclusionary by nature."

Mark Medina

"Free speech isn't free unless everybody is included, including viewpoints that you don't necessarily agree with." 

"Inclusion is not just a matter of putting in wheelchair ramps and accommodating disabled kids in public schools. Real inclusion must occur in all aspects of daily life."

Shannon Flora

"Inclusion has a broad, positive impact on all students. It provides students with lessons in diversity, cooperation, and respect for all people and abilities."

Life-long Inclusion and Participation Begins in School

“A quality education is not a segregated education. It is not educating children in racial or ethnic isolation.  In a multicultural world, educating our children of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds in an inclusive environment will make us a more competitive and prosperous nation.” 

NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous

“If society could start thinking about the inclusion of people with disabilities in terms of equal opportunity and as a matter of social justice and not just as accommodating people with disabilities then you begin to start removing that stigma that comes with the label of a “disability.” 

Belinda Guthrie, Vassar

"Getting (digital) inclusion right is a game-changer for governments. Those with most to gain from technology are least able to access it. Give them that power and people will be helped to help each other and help themselves."

Jim Knight

"The ideal of sharing and inclusiveness has never been more vital than it is today because if the warnings about global warming are correct and we do not see the world as our family, we are doomed."

Susan Griffin

"Real inclusion only comes when communities, programs and individuals look beyond a person’s disabilities and see their right to belong.”

Loretta Butler-Turner, Minister of State, Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Bahamas

"Be inclusive. When you bring more heads together, you get more answers."

Cindy Kent

"God's Love is all-inclusive, and we should be as well."

Rev. Joanna Hollis

"Inclusive growth expands the domestic market. In addition, it makes for political stability — the million mutinies that mar and mark India’s collective existence all stem from paucity of inclusive growth."

Celebrating Inclusive Growth

"Inclusive growth is crucial for achieving sustainable economic development."

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, India

"Inclusiveness is never a bad thing. It suggests large-heartedness and a democratic process at work."

Patricia Mukhim

“Once and for all, America must face its past, open itself to a fair telling of all its peoples’ histories, and accept full responsibility for the hardships it has occasioned for so many. It must come to grips with the increasingly indisputable reality that this is not a white nation. Therefore, it must dramatically reconfigure its symbolized picture of itself to itself. Its national parks, museums, monuments, statues, artworks must be recast in a way to include all Americans -- Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, African-Americans, as well as European Americans. White people do not own the idea of America, and should they continue to deny others a place in the idea’s iconograph, those others, who fifty years from now will form the majority of America’s citizens, will be inspired to punish them for it."


"Beauty is all-inclusive."

Kirstie Logan, Miss Coventry 2010

"More inclusive representation will lead to better governance." 

Indira Jaising

"A country can prosper only by being open and inclusive."

 Premier Wen Jiabao, China

"Broadband access is increasingly a requirement of socio-economic inclusion, not an outcome of it—and residents of low-income communities know this."

Social Science Research Council

"It is the absence of inclusion that frees hatred and bigotry and allows it to go unchallenged." 

Eddie Island, University of California Regent

"Every major conflict across the globe that have made some progress towards resolution in the past twenty years or thereabout, has taken an inclusive and participatory approach seriously."

Niger Delta Civil Society Coalition

"A classroom should be an inclusive place; for academics, of course, but also for the formidable social and emotional concerns that confront all of us every day. Every school can and should provide a level playing field – implemented by the administration, staff and most specifically the teachers – from which no student is excluded." 

Robert L. Kelly

“Inclusion of people from all communities is vital to addressing the challenges in the face of climate change.” 

Allison Chin, Sierra Club


“Access to the physical environment is a big step towards inclusion."

Sona Jose

"One of the most important financial tools to spur financial inclusion is knowledge."

Yasir Naqvi

"Inclusiveness should be the guiding principle of a prosperous society."

Shobha Shukla, Editor, Citizen News Service

"Inclusion is the act of involving everyone in all life activities, regardless of ability or background. Through inclusion we socialize, work and participate in the community together. Inclusion is an attitude; a right guaranteed to everyone. Inclusion is not about being separate or only friendly part of the time. Learning from all of the different abilities people have and building a deeper appreciation for diversity is the focus of inclusion."
Wartburg College Student Group

"You don't ask everybody to conform to the same system. You ask the system to include everybody."

Gerard Etienne,Diversity Consultant

"Peace and inclusion of all peoples in governance are the prerequisites for a prosperous and developing state."

Sheik Asad Rahman, Director, Programmes Sungi Development Foundation

“When people are included in and connected to their community they are happier, healthier and more productive.”

Community Development Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, Australia

"Excluding any group of people for inclusion in economic prosperity is a recipe for retaliation, terrorism and war. Drawing a circle that includes every man, woman and child alive is not only the path for peace but it is the right thing to do."

Michael Douglas Carlin

"Inclusiveness can only be a reality when we actually interact with each other in our daily life.  As such, it is important for us to open up our hearts and minds to engage, not enrage, in order for us to have effective inclusiveness..."

Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Prime Minister's Department, Malaysia

“Inclusion means all peoples, all nations, all walks of life."

Bonnie Millward, Hope Inclusion Project 

"Being asked and invited into a process makes everyone feel included."

Anita Simpson, Superintendent of Education, Simcoe County District School Board

“When government becomes more inclusive, over time, society will follow.”

Cherie Macleod, Executive Director, PFLAG Canada

"Inclusion means to be included; which is exactly what people with a disability want, to be included. They want to feel like they’re included and are a part of their community, school and world. Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean you treat them differently; they want to be treated like everyone else."

Jessica Mausbach, 8th Grade Student

"So many of the arguments against the full inclusion of transgender people in our society are driven by unfounded fear. Transgender people are simply seeking the removal of barriers that prevent them from flourishing as full members of and contributors to society."

Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, SSJE Bishop, Rt. Rev. Bud Cederholm, Bishop Suffragan

"Inclusive design is creating products and services that can be used by the widest audience possible by approaching the design from the perspective of consumers that need the greatest help. Inclusive design is not about creating specialist products but rather ensuring that the design considers the needs of people of all ages and abilities. By meeting the needs of those that are often excluded, inclusive design improves the product experience for everyone." 

Liz Williams, Head of Inclusion, BT

"We cannot eradicate violence if we do not build strong, inclusive communities."

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S.

"Promoting digital inclusion is essential for a dynamic modern economy and can help to make government more efficient and effective."

Prime Minister David Cameron, UK

"Inclusion of all human beings and their beliefs is the path to real democracy and a nonviolent future."

Convergence of Cultures, New York

"Inclusiveness of all communities is key to developing unity."

Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Malaysian Prime Minister's Department

"Policies and conscious programmes for the inclusion and participation of all citizens are guarantees of social cohesion, the vitality of civil society and peaceful coexistence."

Aiyushman Dutta, Cultural Journalist

“Inclusion is all about work environments where people with disabilities work with people that don’t have disabilities on the same level.”

Jaime Regan, Hand on Heart

“When you build inclusion into a structure, what you build is trust, cohesion and unity.”

Lillian Rodriquez Lopez, Hispanic Federation

"Consultation brings inclusion. Inclusion creates unity and harmony in thinking and practice."

A Divide House Cannot Stand, Editorial, FOROYAA Online